From what’s on your plate to who’s by your side, there’s a lot that goes into the perfect meal. It begins in the kitchen, transpires at your table and, when done right, lives on long after the plates have been cleared. Whether comfort food or haute cuisine, served in a high-end establishment or enjoyed on the street, a true masterpiece – the right combination of ingredients, expertise, passion and people – can whisk you away in a single bite, from the streets of Saigon to the shores of southern Italy.

Back in 2014, ‘NAMO set out to capture the essence of this very experience. Spurred by a love of good food shared among good friends, we sought to combine fresh, innovative Italian cuisine with sophisticated social dining. But in Asia, our goal seemed out of reach: how could we channel the spirit of Italy’s time-honored traditions from so far away? To master the art of Italian cuisine, we had to go straight to the source. So we packed our bags and headed for Europe. ‘Namo, we said. Let’s go!

Our journey took us into the farms and kitchens across southern Italy, where we discovered not only quality ingredients but the people behind them: flour millers and buffalo farmers, tomato growers and culinary masters. We stood in the powdery storm of a flour mill, listened to classical music with buffaloes and test-drove the Ferrari of pizza ovens. In time, our dream began to take shape.