From what’s on your plate to who’s by your side, there’s a lot that goes into the perfect meal. It begins in the kitchen, transpires at your table and, when done right, lives on long after the plates have been cleared. Whether comfort food or haute cuisine, served in a high-end establishment or enjoyed on the street, a true masterpiece – the right combination of ingredients, expertise, passion and people – can whisk you away in a single bite, from the streets of Saigon to the shores of southern Italy.

One year ago, ‘NAMO set out to capture the essence of this very experience. Spurred by a love of good food shared among good friends, we sought to combine fresh, innovative Italian cuisine with sophisticated social dining. But in Asia, our goal seemed out of reach: how could we channel the spirit of Italy’s time-honoured traditions from so far away? To master the art of perfect pizza, we had to go straight to the source. So we packed our bags and headed for Europe. ‘Namo, we said. Let’s go!

Our journey took us into the farms and kitchens of Napoli, where we discovered not only quality ingredients but the people behind them: flour millers and buffalo farmers, tomato growers and master pizzaioli. Day by day, slice by slice, the path to pizza perfection began to appear. We stood in the powdery storm of a flour mill, listened to classical music with buffaloes and test-drove the Ferrari of pizza ovens. In time, our dream began to take shape.

But as so often happens, life had other plans. The adventure drew to a close, and we found ourselves in the dough lab of one especially fastidious pizzaiolo – a master, if you will. For years, he had worked to turn the very foundation of a great Italian meal into science. Struck by his devotion, we asked the question that had been weighing on our minds: Was there a secret to perfect pizza?

Our pizza guru considered the question, teasing the answer like dough in his hands: “Sometimes yes, sometimes no.”

His reply left us puzzled. How could someone spend his life chasing a secret that only sometimes existed? Ten pizza slices later, we were still mulling over the master’s cryptic words.

But without realising his power, the guru had uncovered the true lesson of our journey: perfection is not a purpose but a process. No matter how grand the setting or skilled the chef, greatness does not come from exact ratios or precision cooking. Instead, it is the subtle imperfections – the shape of the dough, the unexpected delight of a new flavour – that lead to the sort of serendipitous occasions worth remembering. By marrying our love of Neapolitan cuisine with fresh, high-quality ingredients, care and culinary expertise, ‘NAMO has taken up this same relentless pursuit to honour the noble art of pizza-making.

Today, we bring our knowledge from the ovens of Napoli to the streets of Saigon. In a young, dynamic city whose vibrant street life embodies the very spirit of the perfect meal, our creative take on Neapolitan-inspired pizzas provides tradition with a twist, fusing the communal spirit of Vietnam with contemporary Italian cuisine. Add to that a veteran pizzaiolo and a dedication to spreading joy through good food and you’ve got plenty of room for pleasant surprises along the way. Whether you’re a pizza novice or a full-blown connoisseur, we invite you to join us at our table. You bring the company; we’ll take care of the rest.